Washable paper tubs (set of 4)

Washable paper tubs (set of 4)


Washable Paper - Made from paper, looks like leather, washes like fabric!

Washable paper is a lightweight kraft paper with high tear resistance, made of a biodegradable natural fibre. Products feel like leather, wash like fabric, but are actually made of paper.

Washable paper is made using a cultivated fibre (cellulose fibres), so does not contribute to deforestation. Plus no harmful substances are used during the production process. Because the fibre-based texture softens and crinkles with handling and washing it is also known as faux leather as it will age and soften, forming wrinkly marks like leather.

The advantages of washable paper –
• Lightweight and colourfast
• Long lasting and sustainable
• Soft yet resillent
• The more you use it, the more beautiful it gets
• Suitable to be cleaned in the washing machine
• Natural product
• Food safe

Great for pot plants, use in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in the home!

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