Saffron Rug

Saffron Rug


Our beautiful Saffron Rugs are made from 100% pure cotton threads, making them durable and long-lasting. This design features bold brown and earthy tones on the front, and light blue and dark grey on the back. They are soft and non-irritant with good air permeability, keeping the wind off your skin on those cold nights. The thick material allows them to be used as a picnic rug, shielding you from the sand, grass or prickles.  

  • They are reversible, one side brown, the other light blue

  • Perfect for picnics, beach days, camping, van life, interior decor, or snuggling up

  • Machine washable / hang to dry / will soften with each wash

  • Measures approximately 130 x 160cm / 1kg

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